Sunday, April 08, 2007


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"I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig! Weeeeee!"

Two interesting things happened last week. Kevin Federline's little brother (I believe his name is Delroy? Or maybe Clem?) got arrested for giving alcohol to minors, and I fell in love. For reals, yo! Those weasely eyes! That purty, purty mouth! Those Federline boys really know how to grease my wheels! I bet Clem can play a mean banjo too.

So who do you think is hotter? Kevin or his brother? I'd do them both mmmhhhhmmmmm!

Federlicious def-, Federlicious def-,
Federlicious definition make them girls go crazy
Both of them remind me of
a backwoods Patrick Swayze.
Them boys know how to rock, rock
Sooo fertile you be wantin what they got!

They're Federlicious (so delicious)
They faces looks so vicious
Smoke, drink, and party, they don't worry bout no fitness
God as my witness
I ain't speakin all fictitious
I wanna blow them kisses
cause they tttttttasty, tasty!



Anonymous said...

Def his bro! So cute n sexy - I love the rebel without a brain!

Diane said...

neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer . . . (dueling banjos spelled out phonetically). When I got Hanna's AKC registration papers from the rescue group, I found out she was a tad inbred - my dog trainer suggested I teach her to play banjos and rent her out to play at bar mitzvahs and weddings

Ffleur said...

Those shifty ferret eyes, that ungenerous tiny mouth, oh yes, sign me up for some of that white-trash-trailer-living loving.

LA said...

That was mighty sportin of Brit to go fer the ugly brother.

T-girl said...

O! M! G! ROTFLMFAO!!!! (You got an Fing for that one girl did you see?) That had me dying! WHERE do you come up with this stuff?


Evil Pru said...

I'm thinking that Mr. and Mrs. Federline might possibly be related. Cousins perhaps?

GetFlix said...

Perhaps your scariest post yet.

Evil Pru said...

GF- I was just trying to bring sexy back. I'll keep working on it.

Sudiegirl said...

Uh - that guy actually looks more like Napoleon Dynamite's twin.

Vote for Pedro, y'all...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...