Monday, April 09, 2007

Brit Shopped

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Every once in a while I like to have a big garage sale to get rid of all my clutter and fashion mistakes. You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Imagine my surprise when Britney Spears showed up at the one I had this weekend. She immediately zeroed in on my mom's old stewardess uniform from 1967. She loved it so much she insisted on changing into it right there in my driveway! Then she went wild for an apricot colored, kit and kaboodles makeup bag from my high school years. She thought it would make a great purse since it went so well with the stewardess outfit.

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She got kind of mad at me when I told her that newsboy caps were so yesterday.

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But once I offered her this hat with the bird appliques she was all smiles. I remember decorating this hat as a gift for my Grandpa when I was in eigth grade. For some reason he never wore it, but at least Britney will get some use out of it. Because she was such a good customer, I let her have a pair of my Aunt Mildred's sunglasses for free. She was so happy.

Even though all these items were genuine antiques I agreed to let her have them for only $500. I admit I was a little freaked out when she took off her boot in order to hand me five crinkled and stinky one hundred dollar bills. Good thing I always keep a can of Lysol handy.

All in all my garage sale was a big success! Much better than the one I had last year. Winona Ryder showed up at that one, but for some reason I didn't make any money even though everything was gone by the end of the day. Hhhhhmmmmm.


T-girl said...

OMG! WHAT is she wearing? I am not sure they would wear that circa 1960 to be honest! Maybe she is blind also... that would explain A LOT! ROTFL

Scottsdale Girl said...


Evil Pru said...

You'll be happy to know that I also sold her some of my old panties.

Frannie Farmer said...

Yikes. I saw the dress but missed that HAT. What the heck.
Why oh why doesn't she hire (and retain) a stylist?? WHERE IS HER MOTHER?

Diane said...

is the hair attached to the hat with super glue or a big safety pin? said...

Actually that outfit would be great to wear to a party. Where everyone was dropping acid.

LA said...

What about Aunt Mildred's wigs? Did she get a 3-for-1 deal on those?

ffleur said...

I bet the "fashion losers" from Project Catwalk giggle hysterically when they see some of Brit's outfits.

They could give her similar junk and for free, just mention their name in the press.

GetFlix said...

I can't wait to see her back on the stage singing.

morbid misanthrope said...

You had her right there and you didn't smash her head with a big rock?

Evil Pru said...

Fran- I think her mom is busy raising Brit's babies.

Di- I'm guessing glue.

Bren- Ah I wish I'd been able to experience the '60s. I'm a hippie at heart.

LA- zing! good one LA!

Ffleur- she's wearing a Prada dress that probably cost more than my car. She just makes it look like it's from WalMart..

GF- I just don't see that ever happening.

Morbid- in one word, Bodyguards!