Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Number of things on my to do list for today: 22

Number of those things I'll actually get done today: 3

Number of pimples on my face: 1 really big one

Number of pennies in the bottom of my purse: 8

Approximate number of spelling and grammar mistakes I make in an average post: 5

Number of nail polishes I own: 19

Number of times I've washed my hands in the past hour: 4

Number of peanut M&Ms currently left in the giant bag on my desk: 63

Number of peanut M&Ms that will be left in that bag at the end of the day: 0

Number of times I've deplored my genetic heritige for cursing me with this defective OCDish brain: 7 billion

Number of times I've said the word "fuck" today: 13

Number of times I've said or thought the word "fuck" in my life: infinity

Number of tattoos I have: 1

Number of times I've shaved my head: 0 but it's still early


MJ said...

You're 3 ahead of me on "Number of those things I'll actually get done today."

Diane said...

MMMMMM - peanut M&Ms

Scottsdale Girl said...

zOMG! when did this enormous effin zit appear? this MORNING? it's all yer fault. Gah!

WRinkles and Zits do NOT get to share the limelight on my face!!!!!

Scottsdale Girl said...

2 ?'s and 7!'s

I love punctuation.

T-girl said...

OCD is not funny and yet... you make me laugh about it! I wash my hands constantly also, I also obsess over stupid trivial matters but they tell me I am normal. Personally I think if they could get into my head they would not be so blase, in fact they may kick Britster out of the way for me. lol

Feel free to share those M&M's I would hate for you to eat all 63 of them by yourself (kids and hubby help don't count!).... um, now I want M&M's! Thanks, something else to obsess over! LOL

Ryan said...

Pru - "Number of times you !'ve said '"fuck"' today: Over 15." Sorry, beat you Pru. The other day I gave up cursing for Lent. I fucked that up within 3 hours of giving it up. Oh well. I then changed my mind and decided that I was going to give up saying nice things about people. I know I can't fuck that up. 40 days and 40 nights, that will be a breeze. Will you please inform Evil Pru of my Lent intentions. I think she would be proud

prunella jones said...

MJ- I actually got four things done today. Ha ha! I am a goddess. Fall to your knees and worship me!

Di- is there any yummier candy? I'm addicted.

SG- punctuation is way mor fun than swabbing my face with both wrinkle cream and Clearasil. Geez will we still be getting zits at 70?

T- all 63 were eaten by me. I don't share M&M's. Everyone can get their own bag!

Ryan- OMG what a stroke of genuis! I could actually last 40 days with that one. Evil Pru's heart is swelling with glee at the thought.

ffleur said...

Number of times I laughed while reading this post: 9

Number of times I nodded in agreement: 10

M-M-M-Mishy said...

"Number of times I've said or thought the word "fuck" in my life: infinity"

I agree, that word gets repeated so many times in my head, it's become like background noise to me.

What's your tattoo of?

prunella jones said...

Ffleur- number of times I think of Ffleur whenever I see a picture of a panda now: always ;D

Mish- I have a chain bracelet tattooed on my wrist. It can be easily covered by a watch or cuff. This is why my mother only recently saw it even tho I've had it for 10+ years. She was aghast!

LA said...

Pru - David Sedaris has OCD, you're in very fine company!

This was a great post!

Frannie Farmer said...

Number of servings of Reduced Fat Wheat Thins eaten today: 9 (because that is all the box holds)
Number of blogs I have visited today: 17
Number of comments: 4 (I'm a stalker, not a writer)
Number of phone calls I have ignored today: 5 (how can I talk and blog surf at the same time?)

I love this post .. may have to copy! :O)

prunella jones said...

LA- David Sedaris is hysterical. I once laughed so hard that I spewed diet coke out of my nose while reading one of his books on an airplane. The guy next to me was not too pleased.

Fran- go for it!

bird said...

Hi hope you don't mind me butting in! h

GREAT post! love the list...I have a million nail polishes yet my nails are always au naturel!

prunella jones said...

Welcome Bird!

I'm currently sporting a lovely shade of lavender polish on my left hand. Nothing on the right. I always lose interest or get interupted halfway through a manicure.