Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bald Chicks in History

While bald men have always been around, a woman without hair is something of a rarity. If you do a google search for bald women you mostly come up with sites about breast cancer survivors. Shaved women will net you plenty of kinky porno sites. I think the reason people are so shocked by Britney Spears shaving her head is that for girls, hair is such a huge symbol of their feminity. Throughout history not many have been willing to part with their tresses. I could only find a few examples.

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It's pretty dang hot in Egypt. It must have really sucked in the days before air conditioning. So one of the things ancient Egyptians did to stay cool was shave their heads. Both men and women did this. The rich made wigs with the shaved hair for those days when they wanted a change of style. The poor made their wigs out of shredded palm leaves, or sheep's wool. That's hawt!

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The first Queen Elizabeth was very fond of dying her hair red. Unfortunately hair coloring back then was made out of lead, sulpher, and quicklime. This toxic brew made her hairline creep back farther and farther as her hair fell out. But since she was such a trendsetter that became the craze of the day. Soon women everywhere were hacking the hair off their foreheads and plucking away all their eyebrows. Bald was beautiful, baby! Maybe that's why the Mona Lisa is pictured without eyebrows?

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During the holocaust many Jewish women who ended up in the Nazi camps were forced to shave their heads. I took a tour of Dachau when I was in Germany and there were many haunting pictures of bald, traumatized women. That was the first thing I thought of after I saw this photo of Britney. It's very creepy seeing that Star of David along with the tiny tattoo on the back of her neck combined with her hairless head.

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The Manson girls shaved their heads after Charlie was found guilty. Mostly because he told them to. Then they sat around waiting for Helter Skelter to begin. When it didn't, they let their hair grow back.

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Sinead O'Connor rocked the skinhead look back in the eighies. She might still do so, I haven't seen much of her since she ripped up that picture of the Pope. Sinead is so lovely she actually looks better without hair.

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Demi Moore took it all off for her movie GI Jane. Too bad the only thing I remember about that film is that Viggo Mortenson was really hot in it.

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"So y'all think my extinsions are ugly? Y'all think I need to wash my greasy hair? I'll show you!"

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"Ha ha! Take that y'all!"

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"Uh oh. My mama is gonna kill me. I better get me a wig."

Don't worry, Brit. I know someone that will be happy to lend you a wig.

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But make sure you vote for Pedro, okay?


Frannie Farmer said...

I agree that Sinead O'Connor looks better (pretty even?) bald - Brit, ummm not so much.

GetFlix said...

Yeah. In Brit's case, bald is not beautiful. said...

Have you seen her choice of wig yet?

prunella jones said...

I did see that cheap ass wig she's sporting! Pedro's is much more natural looking.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Natalie Portman shaved her head for V for Vendetta. She looked good. Brit? Not so much.

T-girl said...

I haven't seen the wig yet! LOL

Sinead O'Conner, looks good with it also. I saw a picture of her recently supporting a cute bob. She is a pretty woman, just a bit wacked. There is something seriously wrong there! LOL

LA said...

From Queen Neferttiti to Britney Spears... cultural devolution.

LA said...

p.s. My friend's dad was one of the American soldiers who liberated Dachau.

prunella jones said...

Your friend's dad did a good thing, LA. I've never been colder than the few hours I spent at Dachau. Hard to believe something so horrible was ever allowed to happen.

I can't believe I forgot Deb from Empire Records. Angsty head shaving at it's best.

joy said...

I love Sinead so much. Her lyrics are so poweful .Queen Elizabeth is nothing but shear inspiration.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Pru! Take that slide down. I nearly pissed myself when I clicked ovah here.

ffleur said...

Ah Pru, that slide is WORSE than MK biting the leg!

I read in a Sinead interview that she was pissed the record company wanted to position her as a "pretty female singer" so she shaved her head. This was back before she became famous over here. At least she had a legit reason.

All people entering the Concentration Camps were shaved and deloused. Apparently due to terrible living conditions in the ghettos and on the train, lots of them had fleas and lice. Of course, starvation also makes your hair fall out so there wasn't much hair going around.

T-girl said...

Ffluer- THAT TOTALLY makes sense to me about the whole Sinead thing, she is a bit off her rocker that is for sure. What she failed to realise is that she STILL had a beautiful face so you just saw it more. She was a talented musican- she had all the angst torment thing down, throw in a bit of Irish Meloncoly and there you have her! LOL

Dachua is one of the most... there are no words for it. The feeling there. It is very creepy, I can not even put into words that one feels when there, it is very heavy the air and there are souls everywhere! Very sad place. It was snowing when I was there and I will never forget having to listin to one of my freinds bitch the whole damn time because it was SO cold. I could not even bring myself to think about it let alone complain, those poor souls had NOTHING- at least I had a coat! I really wanted to beat him! LOL It is some place I think all people should see (the concentration camps- Aushwitz is worse) to feel that air and appreciate what they have. How humans can do that to one another is beyond me.

Ryan said...

I think Brit is trying to bring her own sense of Sexy Back. I just sayin'.

Sudiegirl said...

OH YEAH! Vote for Pedro! That joke never gets old.

Thanks for the historical time be honest, I think that's a good thing to put in.

However, you forgot Persis Khambatta from the very first "Star Trek" movie. She were bald, and looked pretty good as far as bald chicks go.

PixieGaf said...

LOL! Britney would look so hot if she had a Pedro wig to wear.

kookla100 said...

I had no idea bald was sexy on anyone other than Kojak. I loved that lollipop lovin' cop. said...

At this point we would settle for a Napolean Dynamite wig!!!

Ms. Elenaeous said...

She obviously needed to shave all her hair away before the courts and ex-hubby could get a sample to test her for drugs. Crazy like a fox...