Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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And the award for the best Oscar outfit of the night goes to ....Sally Kellerman. Have you ever heard of Sally? She's an actress whose most famous role was in a movie called "Anna." I hadn't, but now that she has appeared on my rader I'm in love! I bet she'd be fun to have a glass of champagne or ten with. That parachute dress is fantastic. The tennis wristbands on the sleeves are an especially clever touch. I think it will be the perfect outfit to wear to my son Ozzie Danzig's wedding in 2032.

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Eva thinks these two would make a great coat.

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I like Posh's new hairdo. It's cute and breezy. I think I'll take this picture to my stylist. I'm already blond and skinny and I have some big, fake implants. All I need now is an orange tan and some granny sunglasses and me and Vic could be twins! Maybe I could get a job impersonating her at parties if I work on my pout.


Diane said...

go for it, Pru!

T-girl said...

You go girl! I think she looks cute also. I am not sure why but I think it softens her up a bit!

THAT DRESS... I DIED when I saw it! WHO is that anyways? At first I thought it was another Sally... Struthers but evidently she was too busy crying with Tammy Faye, her soul sister, about all those poor starving orphans to care about some Oscar party!

prunella jones said...

She looks really good with it. If I get it I'll probably look like I've been cutting my hair with nail scissors.

LA said...

You girls are too young to remember the always wacky Sally Kellerman! She's only gotten nuttier with age, to our everlasting entertainment.

Sudiegirl said...


She's gained MUCHO weight. She does a lot of voice-over work, and she originated the role of "Hot Lips" Houlihan in the movie M*A*S*H.