Friday, March 02, 2007


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There once was a lad called Jake
whose sexy movie made everyone quake
Harry was bi-curious
and he lusted him furious
tho he was unprepared for the size of Jake's snake!


Diane said...

Damn, you're good!

D. Prince said...

You are a rhyming wizard.

I thought Jake was with Dick Cheney when I first saw this picture.

prunella jones said...

Di- maybe I'm just filthy minded but this picture just cried out for a dirty limerick.

D.- it does look like Dick, doesn't it? But no it's CBS news anchor Harry Smith. (I wouldn't have known if the picture hadn't been captioned)

LA said...

Damnit, Pru! I just shot coffee and banana muffin out my nose, thanks to you! Good stuff!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh man, Prunella, this has just caused me to start giggling at my desk, which is making my co-workers doubt my sanity.

I can't even imagine what they are doing in this photo.

honkeie2 said...

Dick, might shoot you in the face for that one.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Jeez woman were you really writing poetry at 6:03 am?

Have an awesome weekend girl!

MJ said...

I need a more powerful browser
To look up the leg of his trouser

T-girl said...

that picture is pretty damn funny ALMOST as funny as you limerick which is pretty damn funny! LOL

prunella jones said...

LA- yum coffee and muffin (drools)

Mish- it just looks so wrong.

Honk- ow my eye!

SG- yes I am a total nerd.

MJ- I wish I could look up Jake's slacks
to see what size he packs!

T- there is a novel contained in this picture. The storylines are running in my head.

GetFlix said...

I am thinking it might be good to be Jake.

Ffleur said...

I had no idea who "Harry" was until you identified him but that was a slammin' limerick.

Jakie is a cutie-patootie. Saw him on Jon Stewart and he is so adorable. Witty too.

Ryan said...

Oh Pru, you just made the end of the evening more enjoyable. Here's to Jake showing up in my dreams this evening! said...

They're just talking about football. You know, tight ends and stuff.

prunella jones said...

GF- if I had to be a guy I'd want to be Jake.

Ffleur- don't forget hot.

Ryan- hope you had some great dreams!

Brenda- football? Could be. I'd like to think that Harry is telling a joke with the punchline, "Rectum? It damn near killed him!"

Dawn said...

Olson twins SCARY !!!