Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Edith Reads Some Rags

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Our LAdy Gaia
swoops into an impecunious jungle
impatient to benefactor.
The cherub, encased
by veinous limbs
will join a rainbow tribe of wanderers
cameras flash!
El Dorado makes a fine dwelling
but is it a home?

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He promised her publicity in abundance
a plentitude of possesions
a life of opulance
and a cat and comb.
Surrounded by riches
her eyes, two dark dungeons
cry out
the gilded cage
has lost its allure
Alice has married the Cheshire Cat

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There was a young lass from Nantucket.......


Ffleur said...

who threw up in a bucket
She had red hair
But not down there
Cause she figured "oh fooket"

Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...


GetFlix said...

E-dith! E-dith! E-dith!

(Holds lighter in the air.)

Mrs Dalloway said...

I love you edith! I live for your poetry...
Is Pru still with Thor the thunderod or whatever his name is?
I like fookit.
Edith--what do you do for fun??

Frannie Farmer said...

Well, it is certainly obvious where Pru gets her wit - and well, I like the name Edith, it reminds me of my granny.

LA said...

Lindsey Lohan, whore
Rehabilitation done
Failure with bottle

honkeie2 said...

Who made cash but saying:
"I'd suck it"
Ended up with no bowel control because a donkey Fuckedit.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Too funny, Edith. I can see why Harvard wanted you!

Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...

GF- please come to my next poetry reading. It will make a nice change from all the booing.

Mrs D.- I am a fun person with many hobbies. For instance I enjoy reading the dictionary, translating fifth century Viking poetry from the Old Norse, and embroidering inspirational Latin phrases on pillows. Memento Mori! What do you like to do?

Fran- Edith is a lovely name that is unfortunately no longer popular. Perhaps Julia Roberts will give it to her new baby thus reviving it.

LA- I bow to your haiku. Well done!

Honk- superior imagery, sir. I saw it!

Mish- yes, a sense of humor is important to get through a doctorate program at Harvard.

Diane said...

edith/pru - all kidding aside, you have a real talent for writing . . .

morbid misanthrope said...

FYI: My Hollywood psychic buddy predicted Angelina Jolie will soon be involved in some sort of UN-related international incident with Vanuatu's Ambassador to the UN, a strange child-abducting, well-dwelling cult from the mountains of Borneo, and a short African fellow with a bone in his nose from one of those countries where people speak with clicks and whistles. If this is true, I very much look forward to your poem inspired by the event.

Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...

Di- I curtsy to you, madam. I am most grateful for your kind words, undeserving of such praise as I am. You are a treasured friend. (and I never joke about friendship)

Morbid- an intriguing vision. I will most duly record it with verse should this situation arise.

Mrs Dalloway said...
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joy said...

Beautiful poetry Edith, your beauty is burning through.

prettykitty said...

omg. i get it now!!!
i've been away too long...

edith is poet
and i didn't know it.