Friday, April 24, 2009

Shameful Secret

I was just watching a few minutes of the clip below when it occurred to me that Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin's baby daddy) is a total *DRILF.

#Douchey Redneck I'd Like to Fuck

I'm really ashamed to admit this. I usually can't stand rednecks, guys who wear not-stashes, brainless Ashton Kutcher types, and anything even remotely connected to Sarah Palin (she makes me nauseous). However, young Levi is looking pretty bohunky with those bedroom eyes. Hubba hubba. I sure wouldn't mind climbing on top of him for a few hours of fun.

Although, he'd have to wear two condoms since his sperm have proven to be very good swimmers. And promise not to talk at all before, during, or after.

If those conditions were met then... oh yeah! Yee-haw! I'd ride 'em like a cowgirl!

Ugh, I think I just made myself a bit queasy.

Do you have a shameful secret you're willing to admit to? Tell me!


Girl Interrupted said...

Oooh! I agree! He is kinda hot!

I'm a bunny-baiter

I lure baby bunnies with a big juicy carrot and then whip it away at the last moment ... hahaha the look in those bunnies eyes ...

Sorry :( I'm ashamed really

Dr Zibbs said...

I saw a bit of this last night and was thinking to myself that chick probably dig him.

Even though he's a big dummy.

Except I bet he's not to good in bed.

xl said...

Damn, this is just like my high school. The DRILFs get all the action!

I used to live in a house trailer. Is that close enough to be a DRILF?

All This Trouble... said...
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All This Trouble... said...

(Oopsie. Try again.)

A few hours, Pru? Isn't he like, 19 yrs old? What you're just gonna do it twenty times in a row?

Sorry. I'm a little shocked by this revelation of yours. But here goes:

Once upon a time, when my hormones were RAGING, I used to touch my lady bits while watching M.A.S.H. (TV not the movie, it was before I had much taste.) all the while, having very dirty fantasies about Alan Alda.

I wonder now if that's why I became a nurse?????

Lulu LaBonne said...

Does nothing for me Pru, it'd be like doing a stuffed toy with an annoying sound effect sewn into it (reminded me of the sound those old fashioned teddy bears make)

Joyless Prole said...

bunnybaiting seems kinda hawt

Greta said...

Awe. That video makes me so sad. Those kids seem like really good kids. Yet, still kids just the same.

It's such a shame they have to go through such personal things in such a public arena.

The media would drive me to insanity. I'd have shaved my head by now.

Btw. It would be wonderful if most of em didn't talk. Lol.

Prunella Jones said...

GI - you naughty girl! At least you don't boil the bunnies.

Zibbs - you're right, he probably sucks in bed, but at least being young he'd have lots of energy.

XL - pretty dang close ;)

Trouble - LOL at Alan Alda fantasies!

Lulu - yeah, I know. Normally I'd agree with you. My hormones must be out of whack.

JP - only if GI does it.

Greta - believe me, I would be happy to have Sarah Palin and her trashy clan disappear from the media forever. She does not ever want that to happen tho, so I'm happy to carry on making fun of her.

I do feel some sympathy for her kids tho. It must suck having a mom like that.

Krissyface said...

Agreed, I'd like to get drilled by that DRILF. I have equally dirty and shameful fantasies about Steve from the kids show "Blues Clues". I'd like to tear off his stripey polo and force him to do things to me that would make a hooker blush. He's a SCSILF (Squeaky Clean Star I'd Like to Fuck).

Now I feel queasy.

Prunella Jones said...

You could leave Steve three clues leading to your vagina.

Cora said...

Cute? Maybe. Stupid as a teaspoon? Definitely.

erin said...

My dirty secret is I have a monster crush on Eminem. That's more embarrassing than wanting to boink a 'douchey redneck'.

Prunella Jones said...

LOL Erin, you win!