Monday, September 01, 2008

Land Gator Vs. Super Fishlike Thingee

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Oh Super Fish-like Thingee!
We call for your help.
Oh great one,
Please answer our prayers.
Your servants prayers.
Like a wave you'd come
to save us from this evil.
To save us all from certain death.
Our guardian angel!
The great Super Fish-like Thingee!
Hero for the people, animals, and inanimate objects of this land.

Our prayers have been answered. A hero has emerged from the dusty shelves of a thrift store. With his vague resemblance to a fish and super powers of some sort, Super Fish-like Thingee comes forth as our greatest hope to defeat the horrible Land Gator. Here is his theme song:

He's for everyone of us!
He'll save everyone of us!
He'll save - with his not apparent but still very there super powers - every victim of this unreasonable villian.

Ooooooo yeah!

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Very good. Let the battle begin!

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Kkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Clomp!


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Gaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whaaaaaargable......(gasp)(pant)

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No, no, no!

Oh, Super Fish-like Thingee
Please summon all your strength to
defeat this terrible, disrespectful demon.
Use your powers!
Your amazing powers.
We are not sure what they consist of, but
we know them to be amazing!

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Oh no! Things are looking bleak for Super Fish-like Thingee. Will he be able to tear himself away from the jaws of death and defeat Land Gator? Can anyone stop this horrible monster? What the heck are those twins wearing on their heads? How much longer am I going to keep running this silly joke into the ground? For these answers and more, come back to find out!!!!!


WendyB said...

Land Gator is unstoppable. Time to try nuclear weapons!

Anonymous said...

How could that fish thing possibly beat the land gator? It only has wo eyes, after all.

If only there was some kind of giant disembodied hand, a universal force for justice which loves childrn everywhere, which could come and bitchslap land gator.

Anonymous said...

two eyes

Warped Mind of Ron said...

If only land gator could meet a land gator female. I'm sure he would settle down and just watch sports on the weekends and hope for the sweet release of death...

fashion herald said...

yeah, I don't think an art project gone crazy can kick land gator's ass. But land gator, don't eat super fishy thingee, he may turn out to be worth lots of money someday!!

Memphis Steve said...

You are kookier than me. Stop it.

xl said...

Was Super Fish-like Thingee's mom from around Three Mile Island?

Savvy Mode SG said...