Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Will Stop Land Gator?

That wretched Land Gator will not quit wreaking havok upon the innocent inhabitants of Casa de Prunella. Observe.

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He chomped Shirley.

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He NOMed Mae Mae.

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And then he -gasp- made off with one of my mom's sassy boots!

Oh, what are we to do? How shall we ever rid ourselves of this horrible menace? If only some sort of hero would come along......

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Did someone call for a hero? Never fear, senorita. I, El Muchacho Descarado, am here to save the day. Now, where is the villian? I will kick his espuma ass!

OMG! My prayers have been answered! The Sassy Boy is the hawtest superhero of all! If he can't get rid of Land Gator then no one can. Gracias, El Muchacho Des--

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Muyhahahahaha! Sassy superheros are even tastier to my mouf. Who can stop me? Nobody! I am unstopable. Ain't no one can stop me.
I mean, who gonna stop me?


Warped Mind of Ron said...

OMG!!! Noooooooo!! Oh the Humanity!!! I think perhaps you should contact the people who make alligator shoes and find who they send out to get the materials. They must be strong enought to handle him. God help us if they aren't....

xl said...

Where is that Aussie croc wrestler guy now that he is really needed?

WendyB said...

I live in fear that I will answer the door, innocently expecting a candygram, and instead meet Land Gator.

LarryLilly said...

OK, you have your meds on a 90-day mail order thingy, and they havent come in yet and its been 5 days since your last dose.

Hey, you need the Paul Hogan Miniature Crocodile Dundee action hero to soothe that savage beast.

I would have said Steve Irwin, the real crocodile hunter, but ya, I know, he is dead.

Prunella Jones said...

Ron- good thinking! I could use a nice pair of gator boots.

XL- crikey! We could use him. Too bad he's in that great gator pit in the sky.

Wendy- you are right to be concerned. Lock all your doors! Windows too. He's a wiley bastard.

LArry- is it that obvious? Damn, I knew I should have sprung for two day shipping.

I think we need a real action hero like Conan the Barbarian or Shazam.

Moi said...

I bet Wonder Woman could take him. She could totally surprise him by showing up in her invisible plane. Then she could tie his mouth shut with the Lariat of Truth.

Yeah, it could happen.

Genius Savant said...

Sounds like a job for...Genius Savant!

Either that or Lindasy Lohan could kill him off with her herpes.

fashion herald said...

this is really scary because I just finished watching Jaws on primetime TV. Yes, I don't have cable.
Who, who I ask, can stop Land Gator? Can no one end the madness??

LA said...

LOL, your pets look so bored!

Diane said...

Oh no he di'n't chomp on mom's sassy boots - I love those boots!

Prunella Jones said...

Moi- so true. And she would look totally hawt while doing so.

Geenyus- hey now, lay off my girl Lindsay. She's my special lady, my little redhaired crumbcake, if you will.

Fashion Herald- maybe we just need a bigger boat, eh?

LA- no doubt, you'd think they'd be terrified. Well, Shirley was a bit scared. She barked and ran away after awhile.

Diane- oh yes, he did!