Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to everything in life, huh? Who'da thunk?

As a person with A.D.D. I have a lot of trouble making the simpliest decisions. I can literally dither for hours over what brand of shampoo to buy and it's maddening! Who wants to waste their time like that?

Recently I found a useful tip in one of those how to manage A.D.D. type books. It suggested making a quick list of pros and cons to whatever situation you find yourself confronted with. Dopey as this sounds, it has actually been pretty helpful to me. I love making lists. It's fun, and has made decision making a bit easier. But the bad part is that it's sort of addicting too. Now I find myself making quick lists of the pros and cons of absolutely everything! For instance, I just found out that I will be receiving one of those economic stimulus checks. Which is a good thing, I guess. I can certainly use it, but I don't really feel all that jazzed about it.

- Woo hoo! Free money!

- There's another bazillion we owe China.

- At least if we are going to owe bazillions anyway, I'm getting a tiny chunk of the pie for once. And why should I worry so much about it since our fearless leaders obviously don't?

- Uneasy feeling in pit of stomach.

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This picture popped up when I googled "Economic Stimulus Check."

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So did this one. I'm sensing a theme here.

At least I can add it to my new transmission fund. I should be able to get that fixed soon, thank goodness. I miss my crappy little Honda. My mom loaned me her PT Cruiser to drive around while I save money for the trannie and I gotta say it's not real impressive, although it does have some nice features.

- Good gas mileage.

- The radio works.

- The transmission works.

- it's a stoopid looking car! I'm sorry, but it is. So upright and goofy! I feel like Minnie Mouse driving around in that thing. Like old timey cartoon music should be playing while I drive down the street whistling and wearing a hat with a flower on it.

- kinda hard to see out of the back window. It's like there's a blind spot on the right hand side.

- the air conditioning doesn't work.

I shouldn't be such an ungrateful brat, though. It was really nice of my mom to lend me one of her cars. Otherwise I'd be forced to hitch hike. She's a wonderful woman, my mother. I love her like crazy, but like everything else she has her pros and cons too.

- very sweet and loving to me even though I was a breech baby who ripped her all the way to the rectum while being born. All the way to the rectum!

- gives me hope that I will still be as cute as she is at age sixty.

- always making deelicious cakes and muffins.


- my God, the woman can nag!

- forever trying to decorate my pad in "the country look" which can best be described as lots of gingham and pictures of ducks.

- always making deelicious cakes and muffins.

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Just kidding, Moms. Ha ha ha.

Well, at least I can always blog about her. Blogging is mostly a big positive to me (so creative and fun!) but even it has a few problems.


- loads of fun to write blog posts.

- you get to meet so many hilarious and cool people.

- comments! Leaving them and receiving them, but especially receiving them.


- impossible for me to keep up with day to day.

- it can be really hard to figure out how to end a post sometimes.


Princess of the Universe said...

Oh God, do I suck because I think Gingham is kind of goofy cool?

WendyB said...

I will take any deelicious baked goods that you can't use.

OneHungMan said...

Loved the "Nagging" poster.

Helen said...

Fucking, I fucking love you, are you related? Cause I feel like we are...cousins? kissing? Who knows, we're tribal...


oh yes. you'll know who it is because your blog doesn't allow anonymous comments... but guess anyhow...

xl said...

Instead of the PT Cruiser, could you maybe borrow your Mom's friend's car? The one covered in Fred Thompson '08 stickers.

CarmenSinCity said...

I love lists! I'm not ADD, but I can seriously stand in the hair aisle and try to decide on which products to buy for hours - shit - I can do it with toilet paper. ha ha Craziness!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hmmm... I was thinking of leaving a comment...

You would know I was here.
Possible you would reciprocate.
I get to leave my opinion.

There is pressure to be witty.
If I'm not funny everyone will hate me.
If people hate me I will cry.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I hope I don't get the pros and con bug, though maybe I should, since before I started using massive doses of drugs I hadn't made a decision in my whole life.

Diane said...

the best feature on my iPhone is the notes feature that allows me to make lists. I have to figure how to use it to fight my OCD compulsions to keep going back in the house to see if I turned the stove off.

GetFlix said...

Lists rule!! I make them all the time, and they do help. It's also fun to find old lists, and see what was actually accomplished.

Krissyface said...

I love blogging too. And comments. And I never know how to end a post either. Or a comment I'm leaving someone. In fact,


You mean you DON'T wear a hat with a flower in it, all ready?